Sunday, February 24, 2008

(no mustache under his nose) Call Valve Blatz Macho

From 1986 and featuring ECDM [es], Cauchy 138 [be], Lang Thompson [al], Tuf [jp], Catfish [wa] & Fendrums []ky].

Monday, January 30, 2006

(no mustache under his nose) - Arrestrial

(nmuhn) is a series started while I was at college in Des Moines. The title is from a Famlende Forsøk piece which wistfully notes "Allah has no camel. Allah has no wife. Allah has no mustache under his nose. Poor Allah."

(no mustache under his nose) - Denialiar

Denialiar and Arrestrial also combine Kazuhiro Ohtsuka [jp] and the Van Der Veens. Kazuhiro has strange and disturbing noises and textures achieved acoustically and electronically.

(no mustache under his nose) - Finullify

Sliplummet and Finullify were recorded on the first few days of 1989. For these tapes I combined my own sounds during live improvisations (one dub) on top of VDV tapes I received in 1988. The sounds surprisingly meld into a cohesive unit.

(no mustache under his nose) - Paradoxymoron

Churning up in the fall of 1998 is the latest (nmuhn) Paradoxymoron a driving, dynamic, incurably swirly fiesta of spongy sonics. It features some transmogrified Mystery Hearsay [tn]sources and a delightful array of shmuzorft hand crafted sound treats.

(no mustache under his nose) - Saliva

Vaseline and Saliva are the first two tapes and they feature Kazuhiro Ohtsuka [jp] and other artists including T.Diez [il], Haters [can], Onnyk [jp], and Mauro Guazotti [it]. The covers for some (nmuhn) releases now appear in a new colorized version online.

(no mustache under his nose) - Sliplummet

Sliplummet was recorded the day after Finullify and also makes use of an Alesis Quadraverb that I borrowed for a limited time from Jon Dunbar.

(no mustache under his nose) - Vaseline

These (no mustache...) releases are alphabetized here, but actually Vaseline is the first (nmuhn) work. It and Saliva (the second work) featured an art series that appears on many ZH27 releases of that era, namely kindergarten art that was part of some Drake University students' long forgotten master thesis from many decades ago. I spent many an hour randomly combing the library at Drake while at college there in the mid 1980's and this is one of the things I found and fell in love with.

PBK, Ditto If, B

PBK [ca], If, Bwana [ny] and Ditto [nl] make up a virulent mix full of dense surprises in this four-track recording from late in 1988.

HAM (Henry Albert & Mark) - Van Der Hanley Veen

HAM, from 1989, features Mark Hanley's [oh] guitar works combined with the VDV sources. I find this tape tonally rewarding and rather pretty. A soothing combination.


The Shmuspags are recordings from the Big Blur in the 1st half of 1988. Belligerent mixes, unkind combinations, lush yet impenetrable mixing of Van Der Veens [nl] with Agog [ca] and Zurich [dc]. These have very strange and alien acoustic sounds, squealing noises, weird loops, bizarre voices and hazy electronics. Shmuspag by the was is a conglomeration of Agog's label Spagyric and Shmuzorft.

Incurable Shmuspag

agog + albert & henri van der veen

Shmuspag Zofyricft

shmuzorft vs agog

Monday, January 23, 2006


2shmuspagomp features, in addition to the regular mayhem, the PMP release.

Your Must Lust Thy Labor

You Must Lust Thy Labor is a thick lusty mélange of elements, a primordial mix of Agog, Shmuzorft, Dave Prescott and Minóy. The title is a reference to my home-taping and networking work ethic. The cover reads "You must lust thy labor, if I didn't you would not be hearing the tape."